react/redux interview questions

React Interview Questions 🚀

What is ENV 🤔

Do you have to install any plugin to use ENV file 🙄

Object Equality in JavaScript
let name = {
firstName: "suprabha",
lastName: "supi"
let fullName = {
firstName: "suprabha",
lastName: "supi"

regular vs arrow function
// function declaration
function test(msg) {
return `Hey ${msg}`
// function expression
const test = function(msg) {
return `Hey ${msg}`

array flatmap

1️. CheckiO

public and private class fields in JavaScript

1️. Public 👭

2️. Private 🔐

  1. :hover
  2. :active
  3. :visited
  4. :focus
  5. :focus-within
  6. :focus-visible

1. :hover

a:hover {
color: red

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