react/redux interview questions

React Interview Questions 🚀

Q.1. How to create components in React?

What is ENV 🤔

env file to store your sensitive credentials like API keys.
Environment variables can also help you to store your API link in one location so that you don’t have to change the link in each file manually.

Do you have to install any plugin to use ENV file 🙄

No, A React frontend connected to a Node backend is a rock-solid combination…

Object Equality in JavaScript
let name = {
firstName: "suprabha",
lastName: "supi"
let fullName = {
firstName: "suprabha",
lastName: "supi"

regular vs arrow function
// function declaration
function test(msg) {
return `Hey ${msg}`
// function expression
const test = function(msg) {
return `Hey ${msg}`

array flatmap

1️. CheckiO

public and private class fields in JavaScript

1️. Public 👭

Accessible from anywhere. They comprise the external interface. Until now we were only using public properties and methods.

2️. Private 🔐

Accessible only from inside the class. These are for the internal interface.

  1. :hover
  2. :active
  3. :visited
  4. :focus
  5. :focus-within
  6. :focus-visible

1. :hover

The :hover CSS pseudo-class triggered when the user hovers over an element with the cursor.

a:hover {
color: red

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